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Apr 14

Anonymous asked: *Cough* let me marry you.

I… I don’t think I’m ready for marriage, please give me… give me some time, okay? :<

 But seriously, I’ve received many nice messages, I want to say thank uuu to all of you, you are all sweet! 

I want to invite all of you for pie and my home-made strawberry vodka degustation :D

Anonymous asked: Does anyone have photos of whT mena looked like prior to having plastic surgery?

She posted a photo herself, you can find it on her blog (the URL is flesh-mechanics).


Calm yo Caps Lock. Have you ever heard about queue?

Anonymous asked: Psychara takes pictures of herself, holding the camera in her hand like a normal selfie, photoshops it a bit and calls it a modelling picture. I think it's a disgrace to real models who work hard for their pictures!

Anonymous asked: who cares if felice hangs out with people younger than her? that isn't even relevant at all lol

Anonymous asked: You must be a special kind of stupid to keep making excuses for Valeria and believing that she isn't horribly racist. She literally has ties to white supremacy groups.

Anonymous asked: I asked Ember how she was a writer when she didn't have good vocabulary off-anon on askfm and either she or one of her lick-ass puppies told me (anonymously) to go cut myself and die then kept bullying me until I relapsed into self-harm. You can still see the question on her askfm except that I deleted my account so it looks like it was anon.

Anonymous asked: Valeria is a racist and the swastika is a racist icon now you DUMB ASS. Do some fucking homework. I know the inverted swastika is a Hindu symbol but that's completely irrelevant now and if you tried to argue that with me in person I'd fight you for being so ignorant

Anonymous asked: "Anonymous asked: Is verena schizophrenia really schizophrenic? No, it’s just a nickname." - wow, insensitive much? that's genuinely appalling. Ok my nickname is now gonna end with the word cancer. Hooray for belittling serious illnesses!!

Anonymous asked: Is felice fawn satanic?

Not at all.

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