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Sep 15

Anonymous said: Who gives a shit if shmegeh's behavior is EXPLAINED by her mental illness. fans can't go toting around that she's so intelligent, self aware, and perceptive and let her fall back on that ~explanation~. She's able to comprehend her actions and uses your admiration/pity towards her to get away with shit and make herself seem edgy by calling herself an outlaw. She is gloating about the bad shit she does & you can't understand the amount of havoc she causes in other people's lives without remorse?

Anonymous said: I only sent one.. (the johanna one)

Then how come my inbox is full of MJ? ;o

Sep 14

Anonymous said: I legitimately think being internet famous/famous in general is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Like, sure, the perks are awesome and maybe some people are shallow enough to enjoy it but mostly, i just see the life drained out of these people. reading nasty comments, pressure to take more pictures, make more videos, and every fucking detail of your life being found out by sneaky fangirls... they'll figure out your address, where you work, anything, literally nothing is safe

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